Architecture of the Ground, 2015 – in progress.
Triennale Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

TVK is an international office of architecture and urban design, created by Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler in Paris in 2003. Trained in Paris and at Harvard and involved in teaching from the outset, they pursue an approach where theory and practice mutually respond to and enrich each other. Their aim is to capture the complexity and the paradoxical nature of the contemporary earthly situation, in order to contribute to making it habitable.

TVK conducts strategic research on the major themes conditioning the design of the planet. This research is open, collective and allows the inclusion of the complexity and instability of the most urgent issues. TVK represents the synthesis of this double approach, both essentialist and open, thereby engaging in works at all levels, from furniture to land, from the edifice to the planet. Research associates include: Antoine Bertaudière, Alexandre Bullier, Caroline Desile, David Énon, Vincent Hertenberger, Irati Lasa Amo, Agathe Lavielle, Lucas Meliani, Jihana Nassif, Océane Ragoucy, Sarah Sauton.