Samy Rio

Studies for structures in bamboo, 2015 – in progress. Explorations at the interface of craft and industry
Triennale Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Samy Rio studied cabinet making for four years before attending the National School of Industrial Design (Ensci) in Paris, where he completed a five-year course in industrial design. This dual background allowed him to combine industrial and artisanal skills, that he sees as being complementary and interdependent. In October 2014, he graduated from Ensci-Les Ateliers with his research project on the use of bamboo tubes for industrial application. In July 2015, he opened his studio after being awarded top prize at the Villa Noailles Design Parade 10, thereafter he was invited as an artist-in-residence at the International Centre for Research on Glass and Visual Arts (CIRVA) in Marseille and at the Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres. He has also completed a residency at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) and has begun to collaborate with the Galerie kreo.

Through these various residencies on glass, ceramics, wood and bamboo, he continues to pursue his experimental work on different materials, allowing him to further explore the connections between time-honored craftsmanship and modern industry, traditional methods and new tools, constantly challenging both the way we produce objects and the objects themselves. In 2018 he began a research residency at Luma-Arles.