Astrid de la Chapelle

Digital narratives
Triennale di Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

163 km2 is an exploration of Rapu Nui through its invasive plants. Under the prism of vegetation, this project deploys a temporal and spatial panorama of Easter Island. By addressing the issues of growth and ground dynamics it questions the restoration of this same ecosystem to its “original” state. Rapa Nui is a laboratory where different territories and spheres: human, vegetal, animal, state and ancestral are superimposed, intertwined and hybridized.

According to these dynamics, the 163 km2 project is composed of an internet platform that dialogues with drawings and objects. The navigation of the website, guided by an original algorithm, brings together images and heterogeneous documents that form constantly renewed and transversal narratives. This fractal view of a land emerged in the middle of the Pacific collides both past, present and speculated futures.

This project is the extension of a research initiated by
Astrid de la Chapelle in 2015 that was mainly
focused on vegetation and its link to many of the island’s contemporary issues. This following research, developed with the collaboration of members of the local Rapa Nui population, was then joined by designer and programmer Sarah Garcin and Pauline Briand, a journalist specialized in biodiversity issues. The project is supported by a grant from CNC DICRéAM.