Alice Céramique

Viale Francesco Crispi, 5, Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Alice céramique, decorative arts, unique and poetic objects made in Paris.
The earth has its character, it is it that decides according to its mood, it twists, splits, breaks, dries as if it has to remind us that it was there before the hand that works it and that it will be there long after. You have to tame it.

Alice first became interested in shape, modelling, lathe, colombins, plates.
Pots, vases, bowls, bowls, cups, plates over and over again, entrusting the work to the oven, waiting for the result, being surprised, sometimes disappointed, analyzing, understanding, trying again, improving to finally see chance make way for mastery.

And when a piece is shaped, it becomes a blank page. Creation never comes from the void and Alice’s research is inspired by many influences: someone else’s work, a painting, a poem, a book, a flower… Japanese ceramics, for example, made him want to acquire a freedom of gesture, a frankness in the line.In Mexican ceramics, colour explodes and captivates the eye.

The work of the form adapts to his research: it is necessary to enlarge and refine the surface, to leave the utility so that the enamels have more space to express their freedom. In her studio, Alice is now looking for the great, the monumental and returns to the raw colour, to the deep texture, smooth, matt, rough, porous, transparent, fragile, enigmatic. Create contrasts of materials to surprise the eye and the hand.